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Empowering the Future: Celebrating Clean Energy Month

At Chupps we recognize the significance of National Clean Energy Month, designated by the US Federal Government as October, and aim to showcase how a consumer brand seemingly unrelated to clean energy can contribute to a sustainable future.

Setting ourselves apart from our competitors, we became the first direct-to-consumer footwear brand in India to undertake a comprehensive life cycle analysis of our products. The primary objective of this analysis was to identify processes that generate the highest carbon emissions and explore practical measures to reduce them while making process improvements. The findings of the analysis revealed that one of the key factors in reducing the carbon footprint lies in utilizing clean energy sources.

Motivated by these insights, we have initiated discussions with all of our manufacturing partners to explore opportunities for enhancing energy efficiency in the production processes. This involves exploring the installation of clean energy sources, such as solar panels, in the factory premises. By integrating clean energy and also energy saving techniques into our manufacturing partner’s operations,  we aim to reduce our carbon emissions and contribute to a greener future.

In addition to addressing energy consumption during production, we have also taken proactive steps to minimize the environmental impact of its product delivery and logistics. In a test run, we experimented with using electric vehicles for distribution of our products. Although this operation incurred higher costs, we recognize the importance of these trials in gaining valuable insights. It became evident that for such initiatives to be successful, collaboration within the industry is crucial. We firmly believe that the collective efforts of the footwear industry can create a substantial ripple effect.

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