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Meet The Founders

In a world where connections matter, CHUPPS stands
as a testament to the power of friendship and shared
dreams. Yashesh Mukhi and Vinita Turakhia, driven by
their love for animals, the environment, and care for
the artisans behind each pair of footwear, embarked
on a remarkable journey to reshape the landscape of
casual footwear.
Their passion sparked a realization—a pressing need to
reimagine how we design, manufacture, and bring
footwear into our lives. With unwavering
determination, CHUPPS was born from this shared
vision and their commitment to making a positive
At the heart of CHUPPS lies the artistry of meticulous
fabric selection and the pursuit of responsible
manufacturing. Every material is thoughtfully chosen,
ensuring not only exceptional comfort and durability
but also a reduced ecological footprint.

“At CHUPPS, we passionately believe that fashion can
be compassionate. Our commitment to being a
cruelty-free and vegan brand means that we can walk
stylishly and ethically, knowing that no animals were
harmed in the making of our footwear.” Yashesh
Mukhi- Co-Founder

Before co-founding CHUPPS, Yashesh spearheaded his family business, managing an operation comprising of 80
plus retail stores across various malls and airports. He’s a skilled finance professional and has successfully closed
many finance deals in his career. Yash’s business acumen led to the successful divestment of his family-owned
women’s wear fashion brand Mineral to Future Group.
Yashesh is a proud vegan and a devoted parent of two adorable little boys, who keep him on his toes both on and
off the court.

“My dedication lies in creating footwear that is not
only ethically made but also environmentally friendly,
ensuring that each step we take leaves a positive
impact on the world.” Vinita Turakhia- Co-Founder

A mother of two, passionate sustainability advocate, and a committed vegan Vinita always on the lookout for ways to make the
world a better place.
With a background in both the public and private sectors, Vinita is a skilled negotiator who’s no stranger to negotiations on
government policy and implementation. When she’s not busy taking small steps to change the world, you can find her practicing
yoga or lacing up her hiking boots and hitting the nature trails for a hike.
Vinita’s love of the outdoors and her commitment to sustainability are what inspired her to co-found CHUPPS. She saw a need for
high-quality, durable footwear that not only looks great but also helps protect the planet – and she knew she could make it happen.

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